Controversial photo of highway creature

This controversial photo appears to show a bizarre unidentified creature said to roam major highways of the U.S.

The creature, first spotted in Arizona, has been dubbed the “man-eater,” and is described as a cross between a bear and a lion.

The creature, first spotted in Arizona in 2004, has been photographed in at least eight states, including California, New Mexico, and Texas. The man-eater, which is about 3 feet tall and weighs about 200 pounds, has a long, slender neck, a long tail, and large, bushy black hair. It’s also said to have a long, thin snout, large, yellow eyes, and a thick mane.

The creature’s most notable characteristic is its habit of “shaking the tail” — a bizarre behavior that causes the tail to wave back and forth like a whip. According to the BBC, a man-eater sighting in Arizona last year led to a heated debate over the animal’s existence.

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