Demonic possession in Applebee’s parking lot

A demonic possession incident has reportedly occurred in an Applebee’s parking lot. According to an eyewitness, a group of people were leaving a restaurant in the Oak Grove Shores area when a man in a white shirt started acting strangely and running around the parking lot. Apparently the man was not running away from anyone,Continue reading “Demonic possession in Applebee’s parking lot”

Scary face in the window of a McDonald’s

Some say this photograph shows a scary face in the window of a McDonald’s. A common occurrence in my work is a face peering out of a window, perhaps from a dark apartment. The face is not a reflection. It’s a scared face. And it’s important to me that you know this. I’d like toContinue reading “Scary face in the window of a McDonald’s”

The spooky locked door in the public library

A certain locked door in a nondescript public library has been linked to more than one unexplained disappearance. Now, a historian argues that the door is a ‘spook door’ or ‘witch cupboard’ that’s connected to a network of tunnels that runs beneath the city. ‘The closure of the locked door in the Fort George IslandContinue reading “The spooky locked door in the public library”

A spherical vault beneath the Taco Bell drive-thru

A bizarre spherical vault that recently appeared in a Taco Bell drive-thru is defying physical laws. How it came to be and whether it will stick around are both currently unknown. The mystery object in question appeared in a Taco Bell drive-thru in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 9. The image, posted on Twitter byContinue reading “A spherical vault beneath the Taco Bell drive-thru”

Frightening illusion of a child in Payless Shoe Source

Numerous witnesses have seen a frightening illusion of a child inside Payless Shoe Source. But, as the children inside say, it’s not real. If you’ve never been to Payless, you might not know that it’s one of the biggest shoe retailers in the world. The U.S. stores have a particular brand of Payless, with theirContinue reading “Frightening illusion of a child in Payless Shoe Source”

Dashcam photo of a haunting apparition

What is the haunting apparition spotted on this service road? Here is a picture of the place where the mysterious figure was sighted by the couple on May 30, 2018. They were driving from Shizi to the Zhongxing Binguan when they spotted the ghostly figure. This is a private service road located in a forestedContinue reading “Dashcam photo of a haunting apparition”

Evidence of interdimesional haunting at the local Food Court

An interdimensional haunting is thought to have occurred at the mall’s Food Court. The sighting is described as a “floating white orb” that has been seen by many shoppers in the food court at the Westfield Stratford City in East London, between the hours of 9am and 3pm, on Saturday and Sunday. It has beenContinue reading “Evidence of interdimesional haunting at the local Food Court”

Potential supernatural entity widely reported at the local Home Depot

Photo courtesy of Jacob Noll. A recent spate of strange sightings has once again brought a supernatural entity to the spotlight. This time, the entity in question is the purported Bigfoot, a creature so often claimed to be the abode of the paranormal, but one that has yet to be substantiated by solid evidence. TheContinue reading “Potential supernatural entity widely reported at the local Home Depot”