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Latest from the Blog

Eerie figure in local state park

This image appears to depict an eerie figure recently photographed walking through a wooded area in a local state park. According to the official explanation, the figure in the photo appeared in the middle of the woods around noon on August 20th, when the park was closed to the public. It was then picked up…

Possessed copy machine

Many people are reporting creepy incidents and unexplained demonic behavior around their office equipment, especially photocopiers. According to the report, photocopiers have become demonic hot spots for demonic activity. “Photocopiers were reported as the source of several other attacks, ranging from minor to severe, in 2014,” the report said. Some of the most common complaints…

Dimensional rift at Scholastic Book Fair

This image appears to show a dimensional rift opening at a local Scholastic Book Fair. The rift may be the start of a catastrophic collapse of the dimensional barrier between our dimension and the world of Zorn. The rift opens just before the start of the Book Fair, with hundreds of books and other materials…

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